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Bagley Brown PLLC has helped all sizes and types of businesses navigate and better understand the world of business law. No legal matter is too unique. We are here to help form, establish, restructure and legitimize your business. Bagley Brown is here to serve your business in a variety of legal capacities. From forming entities, to negotiating buyouts, we have helped our clients through countless phases of the business law realm. Give us a call today and see how we can help you.

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Have a complex energy law issue? Our team is here to help. Bagley Brown has preformed extensive legal research and has knowledge regarding the most niche areas of the energy law world. Some examples include issues pertaining to floating vs. fixed royalties, nuanced NPRIs, executive interests, conveyances and indemnities.



Bagley Brown knows that even the simplest of transactions can be nuanced and tedious. Our expert negotiation skills and attention to strategy and detail will help your business have the upper hand. It is important that due diligence and research is preformed during every transaction so that our clients benefit and are protected from liability. Bagley Brown is here to help with whatever transaction your business wants to accomplish. From M&A/ R&D work, joint ventures to confidentiality agreements and letters of intent, we can make sure all your legal issues are covered to achieve your goals.

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Here at Bagley Brown- we are all about helping land owners and oil companies find the sweet spot which allows both parties to maximize their benefits. We want to see our clients get the best deal. Our land attorney has decades worth of experience working for large oil companies, and knows exactly how to navigate each transaction. We have years of experience working closely with landmen, geologists, operators and service companies. Bagley Brown can review leases, division orders, purchase and sale agreements, mineral deeds, title documents and other transactional documents pertaining to the use of land.

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